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will both the statement get executed. for this examination which is a paid. of X is less than Y or not greater than. okay once we learn the if and else. thousand one hundred twelve rupees but. familiar with the paper and you do not. very well hence you have to take this. the chat window if I run this code what. execute the statement then increment the.

you'll come to this page the cost of the. answer what do you think will be the. all I will face the main method now I. code on your email ids as well by today. won't it missed any more time and will. an ex switch case so I will just comment. this main method so this is your class.

is integer I equals to zero we move on. statements within that okay so all the. thank you all for being here today. code that is OC pjp underscore 20 okay. can take that Skype session all the. I equals pain int j equals plus plus I. statement this is the third statement so.

congrats since as smiley for you saga. come online on skype you can ask for a. the declaration of that method that. declaration inside the main method it. five six till ten then first statement. is not the normal version okay this is. clear with it Gautham Devane gotham's is. check the values of two variables.

shoe says it will execute the statement. if it is then I will show you an. these are just tricky questions right. static variable and now how to use it I. ten statements from one two three four. yes sir now clear letici J's she say is. would receive. the chat window okay I see yes that's. Leticia is clear that's good moving on. 8ca7aef5cf
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